Monday, June 28, 2010

v2, d107: Birthday Mad-Libs

Today is the birthday of a very special person in my life: my 3-year-old son, Robbie.

Robbie's birthday was celebrated with a day full of predictably Robbie-suited activities. Drove to a park in Wichita this morning because it had a train ride (we rode it twice), listend to Veggie Tales on the way home, had nap time, opened presents and had cake, then played in the infltable kiddie pool my parents have, ate pizza with cheesesticks and peas for dinner, watched Veggie Tales (Josh and the Big Wall) on Netflix, played with some cars, and then went to bed.

All that was missing was a special trip to a construction site. And those are harder to line up for a 3-year-old's birthday.

Therefore, here's a summer fun mad-lib inspired by my son:

Summer Fun
Every summer, people head to Lake Robbie near Wellington. There are so many things to do at the lake. Lots of people snorkel, hoping to catch a glimpse of the energetic cebus that live in the lake.

On Saturdays, people have swimming relay races. Each team has three members. Swimmers carry swimming trunks that are passed from one team member to the next. The winning team is awarded excavators and trains. Lots of people come to watch the races. They cheer on teams by shouting, “IGOO!”

After the races, people paddle their cars around the lake. Then everyone comes back to shore for a picnic of cheese stick sandwiches and hard-boiled egg white sundaes. Someone usually plays the hug while people eat.

People are sad when the summer ends. But everyone looks forward to the next summer at Lake Robbie when they can snorkel above the energetic cebus, swim for prizes of excavators and trains, and paddle their cars.