Saturday, June 19, 2010

v2, d99: Late-night bloggings

Bah. I did so well all week at blogging during my lunch break.

I usually do my best thinking at night, but when it comes to blogging late at night, it is usually among the VERY last things I do, so on days like today when I've been fairly tired/sluggish all day anyway (thank you, head cold!), I feel like I must have squandered an opportunity earlier in the day to sit down and write something clever, engaging, or insightful.

Today was pretty much Fathers'-Day-Come-Early. Because I was sick, Kim let me relax for the first half of the day, so I slept in until 11:30 (and then napped again from 2:30-4:30). I helped around the house a little bit--some dishes here, some laundry there--and supervised Robbie playing in the sandbox. Also went on a Wal-Mart run at one point and took the little guy with me so that Kim could have the house to herself to get some things done. (Just happened to be a fenced-off construction zone at the far end of the Wally World parking lot with a backhoe loader and an excavator taking the weekend off, so we had to walk all the way across the parking lot to get a closer look) For dinner, Kim and Robbie made a homemade pizza, which was fantastic and filling. Plus, I put Robbie to bed tonight, so I don't feel like I was a worthless bum, but I got plenty of rest anyway.

Of course, I've been fairly groggy most of the day, and now is no exception, so I'll be to bed here pretty shortly. Need to read another 10 pages or so of my library book, because it's due Monday and non-renewable, and these pages take a bit longer for me to get through than most.

T-minus six days until vacation. A very well-timed vacation, too.