Saturday, June 5, 2010

v2, d87: 102

Robbie's temperature last night was 102. Today it got down to 99, but that was as low as it went. It would also spike from time to time a bit higher than that. As such, we have to stay home from church tomorrow.

Man, Robbie is going to be really upset tomorrow morning. I will also probably have to stay home with him Monday, since he's not allowed to go to school until he's fever-free for 48 hours.

Considering how sick he supposedly is, though, the kid's spirits are sky-high. He's been running, laughing, playing. He's been a bit quicker to get irritable and tired, but overall I'd have guessed he was just tired/cranky rather than sick. If I didn't know better, of course. Which I do. Obviously.

Man, it sucks to see your baby so sick.

Hey, check this out: I just got an email in my work account from a lady asking to submit her script for a musical based on Princess Diana. Apparently, it was big in Omaha. The librettist/playwright works with Manheim Steamroller, too! I'd post a link, but I'm afraid they might trace it, and somehow that would result in my getting fired. Don't ask how, just accept that that's what would happen ;-)

All right, tonight I leave you with Louie's Year-in-Review video. Man, I love this bear.