Tuesday, June 8, 2010

v2, d89: "I Ramble. All Alone, By Myself, I Ramble!"

Man, I just posted a long post on my reading blog. I don't feel like writing another one! ;-)

I led our company Bible study time this morning. It's something I technically do fairly often, but this is the first time in quite a while that I actually had a full session, and I think I managed to keep going for about forty minutes. Time sure flies when you're talking.

I always feel like I'm sorta rambling whenever I'm up there, or like I'm talking too fast. Truth be told, I do ramble, and I do talk too fast. As I reflected on this today, however, I realized it was because I talk pretty much exactly like I think: quickly, fairly haphazardly, though never without direction. After the lesson was over, Johnson was encouraging me, and she mentioned that she followed everything, and that my rambling isn't generally bad or incoherent, it's just rambling. A couple of other friends said similar things, and I've determined that it's not really content that's my weak spot, it's focus.

Well, surprise, surprise, surprise.

That's how I speak, and it's how I write. I don't usually stop to refine before I try to communicate an idea. Of course, you already know this, because you read this blog. And I've had people say for years that one reason they like reading my writing or chatting with me online is because they can hear my voice by reading my words. Still, it felt like a minor lightbulb moment when I first said it--which was the moment I first thought it, of course.

So, apologies for the typos. Apologies for the ramblings. Obviously, you wouldn't mind too much, or you wouldn't read and listen.

And I'd like to genuinely thank you for reading and listening. I promise I'll keep on a-ramblin' so long as I've got something to say (or trouble sleeping).