Sunday, January 2, 2011

v2, d245: "I just walked into a meet in 3...and everybody's staring at me...I gotta go..."


I give you not one, but three massive New Year's-related posts, and you want more from me?

I have to keep it short so those who are trying to catch up from the weekend won't be overwhelmed.

Besides, I think I finally have a bead on how to continue my latest rewrite.  (Something about realizing I haven't written anything in twelve months motivated me to get to work) So once this Rams/Seahawks game gets over with, I'm off to work on NYResolution #1. 

Oh hey, I wish they'd stop showing demonically-themed horror movie commercials during Sunday afternoon sporting events. My three-year-old watches these with me, and it's tough to keep an eye on every single commercial break while trying to get food on the table.