Tuesday, January 18, 2011

v2, d259: A Return to Irregularity

Hey folks. 

Looks like it's time to go for another of my pseudo-disappearing acts.  Heck, I think I've done pretty well keeping a mostly-daily blog going over the past month and a half!  But I have hit several walls, and blogging will be more like blegh-ing if I keep it up at that pace.  I'm an incredibly weary guy right now.

I'm not "down," though.  I want that clearly understood.  This isn't like the past couple "I'm going into a dark place" hiatuses.  In fact, I'll probably still post occasionally.  I'm just so fried that the rate at which I'll be able to string together words worth reading is becoming pitifully slow.  I don't want to write consistently mundane blogs, and (most of) you don't want to read them. 

So keep checking in.  I'll be around if I have something worth saying.  Y'all know I love the blogging thing, and I even appreciate those of you who follow along on my journey.  I'm fine, the family's fine, nobody panic.  This move is more for your sake than mine.  ;-)  

In the meantime, bravo to the cast of The Hobbit and everyone who's put a stitch or a coat of paint or an arrow into this production.  We've got a solid show on our hands.  Now let's get some people in the theater to see it!