Sunday, January 9, 2011

v2, d252: 1,000 Words Disappointment

So today, my intention was to throw up another "1,000 Words" post inspired somewhat by two nights ago's insane dream.

By the way, upon some further analysis, I think the dream actually makes a lot of sense.  I can pull out either recent events or conversations or future concerns that correspond pretty neatly to just about everything that happened. The two riddles still without answers (there were three, but as I typed one of them out it suddenly made sense):

1. Why was Craig so mean to me??
2. Why in the world did the one bear do a flying scissor kick????

Incidentally, the chosen phrase for tonight's intended 1000 Words was "bear flying scissor kick."  And while this yielded many results, most of them featuring flying scissor kicks, literally NONE of them had a bear anywhere in the picture!  It was like the search engine COMPLETELY ignored the first word in the phrase!  So I added in the word "grizzly," and now I was getting some bears and some kicks, but none that appeared to feature both.  Lame.

Youtube fared little better, though it did turn up this winner:

Anyway, the whole thing reminded me of this old Super Bowl ad.  Enjoy.