Monday, January 10, 2011

v2, d253: Actual Update For the Update

Man, I had a lot of things I almost blogged about today.  I almost posted about a blog I read today about how the ignorant, bigoted Christians always label atheists as bitter, angry, and/or nihilistic and immoral because the concept of a content atheist completely tears down their "argument."  I almost ripped the Aeros organization for coming up with a special promotion offering folks cheaper tickets and a chance to meet Gordie Howe to come and cheer on the visiting team this weekend.  I almost wrote something about how sick it makes me when folks use situations like the shooting in Tuscon for political posturing. 

However, I've got a bit of good news to share, so I'm opting for that instead.

Kim and I went to the doctor today for our bi-weekly checkup. I believe I've mentioned that, since we've come home from the hospital last month, things have been mostly quiet on the contraction-front, and everything appears to be fine with the baby.  We continue to  pray that these trends continue.  However, we've never really had a clearly-defined light at the end of the tunnel.  Nevertheless, we'd assumed that the target was 36 weeks.  We're currently sitting at 31, so that's just over a month more of bed time for Kim. 

Well, come to discover our target is not 36 weeks, it's 34.  I don't think I can adequately express the difference between 34 weeks and 36 weeks at this point.  (And no, it's not "2 weeks")  In three weeks, Kim can get off the couch and do some little things around the house.  No lifting, and not a ton of crawling around on the ground or bending over (i.e. lots of laundry), but walking to the mailbox and back if she wants.  Cooking dinner. Drying a few dishes here and there.  Sitting up long enough to read Robbie a book.  Also: she can stop the multiple medications at 34 weeks.  And if we get two weeks past that, all restrictions are lifted. We're considered completely out of the "risk zone." 

We're happy.  We're thrilled!  We suddenly feel like maybe we can get through this after all.  And that's tricky, because I know there's still a long three weeks to go.  I didn't get a sleeping binge this weekend like I did last weekend, so I'm starting this week exhausted.  I'm beat, and there's probably not a catch-up day on the schedule until after Hobbit opens.  It's still going to be far from easy.  But, by the grace of God and with the support of family and friends, we have made it this far.  And not only is the end now in sight, it also doesn't look quite as daunting as it did just a few days ago.