Monday, January 24, 2011

v2, d262: Rain, rain on my face...

Happy Rainy-Day Monday.

Today, I'm counting recent blessings.  First, took my car in for repairs.  A previous estimate (from the "Shady Mechanic Place") thought I'd have to spend around $800 to fix a particular problem with my car. That didn't take into account another potentially major issue I've been having with it (plus an oil change).  Went to Not-Shady Mechanic Place this morning, and they tell me the whole package will only run about $575.  And right now, the difference between $575 and $800+ is a lot more than $225, especially as we look toward more hospital expenses likely within the next month.

Second: we're now less than one week away from Kim's bed-rest restrictions being significantly lightened.  Please keep prayers coming!

Third: I actually got a nap yesterday.  And the day before.  Also had some relaxing time to get some reading done.  The little things add up, it's true...

Fourth: Julie made one of the best lasagnas I've ever tasted on Saturday, and I'm still digging in to the leftovers.

And, we'll close with a prayer request: I am looking for some solid confirmation one way or the other on an opportunity that I can't be specific about just yet.   But it'll be a pretty big deal if it happens.  Don't worry, I'll fill y'all in when the time is right.  For now, please just be in prayer for my family and I, if you have the time and energy :-)