Wednesday, January 12, 2011

v2, d255: What AM I looking for?

Sleep?  Why would I want to sleep?  Why when I could be doing laundry and dishes and sending work emails and seeking cleanliness???

I'm the ASM for Hobbit now.  Which, honestly, is great.  It's been a very long while (K2 2005) since I ASM'd a Rotunda show.  Plus, I'll get some reading done.  Takes away a little of the flexibility to my mornings, but so far I haven't had a problem getting to work before 9:30 every morning, so I imagine it'll be okay.

If you happen to see me on Thursday and find yourself thinking, "Hm, it looks like Will's doing all right today," I want you to know that it's a lie.  It's all the caffeine.

Overall, a pretty good night for hockey: Big wins for the Aeros, Bolts, and Pens.  And a Thunder player even got a natural hat trick in the CHL All-Star Game.  Colorado unfortunately got curb-stomped by Chicago, though.  (Slapshot's happy)

Finally, I know everybody in the world is partial to Yesterday, but I think Michelle is actually my favorite hauntingly beautiful Beatles' song.  Just about every time I hear it, I end up listening to it about four or five times before I move on.  Bizarre, I know.  But then, I've never exactly been known to have good taste  ;-)

P.S.  This is awesome.  Flower for the win.