Wednesday, January 26, 2011

v2, d264: It's On the Internet, So Then it Must Be True!

Most of you have probably already seen this by now via my facebook or twitter, but for those who haven't, sha-bow

Now, a couple months ago, when I agreed with these folks to let them have my play, they sent me some questions to fill out and asked me to provide a short biography they could put on their website.  Some of the quotes I've provided ended up on the site as well as the bio.


There was a choice bit of information my wife and I were hoping to keep quiet for just a bit longer.  See, we've already decided on the first name for our soon-to-be-born son, and we'd planned to keep it secret until he was born.  We did the same thing with Robbie.  At the time I signed the contracts and answered the questions, the good folks at Eldridge told me that my play would make its way to their website "in the spring sometime."  Figuring our little boy would arrive in late February or early March, I decided it was easiest to list him as part of our family rather than ask them to change it almost immediately after it was posted.  It was a sound idea, and it was going to work.


About a week ago, I saw on Eldridge's facebook page that they were going to be in good old H-town for an educational theater conference this weekend.  So I sent an email to the one person I've been in contact with up there saying something to the effect of, "Hey, I see you're going to send some folks to my neck of the woods.  I'd love to meet up and grab a cup of coffee or something to say hello!"  A few days later, I get a reply from someone else saying, "Hi, I'm going to be at the conference.  Would you like to help man our booth?  We'll even try to get your play finished early so you can be on-hand to promote it at the event."  I'm like, Woohoo!  And here I was just hoping for a cup o' Joe. 

After that, things happen pretty quickly.  I get an approval copy via email and send it back with one minor revision that afternoon.  They ask me for my T-shirt size, because apparently I get a free Hero Squad T-shirt, too.  They call our PR office to ask if they can use our show photos and youtube commercial on their website.  And then today, well, sha-bow.  It's on the web site, it's for sale, the graphic is awesome, hooray.

And then I realize that the bio that I intended to go public in April or May is public online now, with all the information I originally submitted.

If you're wonderin' why this bag is empty, it's because someone just let the cat out.  Meow.

It's no biggie.  It's actually kinda funny.  I called my mom before posting the link on my facebook so that she wouldn't hear her grandson's name for the first time through my publisher on the Internet.  And I don't think too many people caught it.  It's like a surprise for those who are looking very carefully.  (Of course, now I've told you all where to look, so all bonus points from here on after are null and void)  Our one little secret blown by my publisher.  Makes me chuckle.

Oh well.  At least we can keep the little guy's middle name a secret for a bit longer.  ;-)