Thursday, January 13, 2011

v2, d256: One-minute break between rounds

Just checking in to let everybody know that we made it through today.  Kind of a rough one.  For everybody, really.  Thursdays, it seems, are generally my worst days.  But, as always, we made it to the end.  And I got the dishes done and made some fresh bread, so hopefully tomorrow will start with a pleasant surprise for my lovely and tired wife. 

Added to another Dreaded Meeting to end my day tomorrow. Would appreciate any and all prayers, especially from 4-5. 

Good news: my sister is bringing her fiance tomorrow night.  Meeting him for the first time, unless you count blog comments and facebook tech help.  Unfortunately, I'll have to work all Saturday morning and they're leaving Monday morning, so with church twice on Sunday I won't actually see them all that often.   But it'll be nice while it lasts :-)