Thursday, February 3, 2011

v2, d271: More Robbie

Have I mentioned that Robbie and I play sock puppets before bed every night?  Well, Robbie and I play suck puppets before bed every night.  What follows is an abbreviated version of a conversation between our sock puppets two nights ago.


R: Let's go to the grocery store!
W: Okay.
R: I got a pickle!
W: Nomnomnomnom!
R: (instantly pouty)...I wanted to eat that pickle.
W: I already ate it.
R: ....but I wanted it.
W: It's all gone, I ate it.
R: But I wanted it.
W: You'll have to eat another one, I ate that one.
R: But I wanted that one.
W: I didn't know you wanted that one, so I ate it.
R: But I want it.
W: I'm sorry, but you can't have it now.  It's all gone.  Do you want to get another pickle?
R: I don't want another one (pointing directly into my sock puppet's mouth) I want that one.
W: I'm very sorry.  If I had known you wanted that one I wouldn't have eaten it.  But I did, and it's all gone.  Can I buy you a new pickle.
R: No...
W: Do you want a better pickle?  Let's get you an even better one.
R: I don't want a better one.  (pointing in my sock puppet's mouth again) I want that one.
W: But they have lots of better pickles.
R: No...
W: (not as a sock puppet briefly) Robbie, it's just a pretend pickle.  It's not a real pickle.  It's okay.
R: But I wanted (pointing again) that pickle.  I don't want another one.
W: (a sock puppet again) I'm very sorry you can't have that one.  Can I buy you two better pickles?
R: No I want that one.
W: But I ate it!  It's all gone!  I can't get it back.
R: But I want it...
W: Okay, fine.  (Goes to the pre-established counter where we get "things" from, returns) Here.
R: I don't want that one.
W:Yes you do.  It's the one that you want.
R: (somewhat doubtfully, somewhat hopefully) Is it (points) that one?
W: Yes.
R: It's that one! Omnomnomnomnom!  Mmmm, yummy! (suddenly happy again) Yaaaay!  Good pickle! 
W: Okay, good.
R: I want another one.
W: What???
R: Let's get another pickle!
W: You just said you didn't want the other pickles!
R: Yes I do want another pickle!
W: I said I'd buy you another pickle, and you said you didn't want the other pickles!
R: I did want them!
W: You said they were yucky!
R: (laughing) No, you buy them for me!
W: I will not buy you a pickle!  You said you didn't want one!
R: Yes, but one for me!
W: Ahhhh!  I'm going back to the helicopter!


Yeah.  We play sock puppets every night before bed.