Friday, February 25, 2011

v2, d289: Resistance

You, blog, are just another form of Resistance. Very clever, Resistance. Very, very clever.

YOU are the reason I'm not currently contributing to the further evolution of human consciousness! 

Well, you and the NHL.  And  Youtube. 

Hey, speaking of the NHL, Clayton Stoner scored again.  On purpose this time. 

Love my former Aeros.  Also, sounded like there were a LOT of Wild fans at that game. 

Missed opening night for An Inspector Calls tonight due to family commitment.  I heard it went really well, though.  Which is a relief, because I'd heard that the entire audience was going to leave depressed and feeling as though we had just condemned them to hell ;-)

Which reminds me sorta, I finally saw The Social Network. It's a movie I wanted to see when it came out, but I figured it didn't really need the 3-D/Imax treatment to be effective, so I waited for DVD.  It was very good.  I know a lot of my readers probably wouldn't dig it, but I really enjoyed it. 

If  you have seen it, you have my permission to watch this:

Finally, a little something for everybody: a video of a cute baby ocelot.

Ocelots are no joke, folks. If you watched the video, you know there are fewer than one hundred ocelots remaining in the wild in the United States.  And you don't have to be a math minor to be able to tell that oss-not-e-lot!