Sunday, February 6, 2011

v2, d274: "I just want it to be a good game."

That's generally what I say before the Super Bowl.  Because let's face it, the teams I care about never get there.  I have actually liked both the Packers and the Steelers the last few seasons, but I was leaning slightly toward the Pack a) for sentimental reasons, and b) because I have more Packer fan friends than Steeler fan friends. (Facebook responses before and after the game confirmed this)  And we usually get a pretty good game.  It seemed for quite a while when I was younger the Super Bowl was always a blowout, and around the 2000s that has completely reversed.  Tonight's game was good, though I wasn't paying as full of attention as I usually do because of watching/playing with Robbie throughout the night.  Last year, we went to see some friends and coworkers and had a great time at their Super Bowl party.  The men hung out in the room with the big TV while the women hung out with the children in the front room (which had a smaller TV).  Everybody had a great time.  We had an invite to the same party, but Kim didn't feel like sitting in a car for 40 minutes at this stage of the pregnancy (I don't blame her) and I didn't want to leave her here alone when, really, the baby could come at pretty much any time (I don't blame me, either). 

Now, in the past, I've always been pretty bummed out when I haven't had a Super Bowl party to go to.  The only time since we've moved to Houston that it has happened was that fantastic Pats/Giants game.  I was pretty miserable watching it alone, and then I hurt my back somehow.  But man, what a finish! 

Anyway, I talked to Kim about making tonight a party for the three of us.  I knew Robbie would be happier with a special occasion since the church didn't have AWANA tonight, either. (He's always really bummed when there's no Sunday church)  So we told Robbie we'd have a football party after his nap, and while he (and I) took an afternoon rest, Kim made some no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies.  Then we ordered some Papa John's pizza and cheesesticks (possibly Robbie's favorite food) for dinner and set out bowls with our other favorite finger-food snacks. Fortunately, he's at the age when he'll still eat carrot sticks and broccoli even when there are potato chips and goldfish on the table.  Also fortunately, I'm once again to the age where I'll eat carrot sticks and broccoli even when there are potato chips and goldfish on the table.

We had an enjoyable evening at home.  Kim cut my hair at one point in the evening and talked on the phone with her mother and her sister while Robbie and I played with trucks and diggers while the game was on TV.  And Fox managed not to air too many commercials that would force me to change channels.  Which is good, because the Puppy Bowl is just getting bizarre these days. 

So Operation Impromptu Super Bowl Party for Three, while possessing an unfortunately long title, was ultimately a success.  Here's hoping we can get Robbie up and out of bed in time to head to school tomorrow morning after letting him stay up until the end of the football game.