Thursday, February 10, 2011

v2, d277: A Post that Started Out Being Random Tidbits and Ended Up Being a Reflection on a Nice Night at Home

This 'n that.

Watched Despicable Me tonight finally with my lovely wife.  Has been the first time we've been able to sit down and watch a movie together in a very long time.  It was enjoyable, as was the flick.

Was the first man in after a Dudernoise sent out the alarm that the costume shop had flooded.  Helped move stuff, threw some towels on the ground.  Towels didn't help a whole lot, but at least we got a walkway to the washer that wasn't half an inch of standing water.  Added some spice of variety to my Thursday afternoon.

No baby today, obviously. 

Had a really nice night at home tonight.  Decided to pick up some fries for Robbie's after school snack as a nice surprise.  Wasn't feeling too hot (and my entire body is achy lately), but managed enough energy to play with cars for a little bit with Robbie until I got my second (or fourth) wind.  Made the bed (with Robbie's help).  Then, heated up some leftover pizza & cheesesticks (with green beans, of course!) and set to doing some dishes and laundry.  Robbie saw me doing dishes and wanted to help.  His way of "helping" consists of my filling his sink with rinse water and his using each spoon or cup as an excavator dropping water into a larger cup or bowl while I wash and rinse dishes.  When I drop something in his sink to be rinsed that looks like it'll make a better excavator or dump truck than the one he's currently using, he gives me the one in his hands to dry off.  Then, off to the usual sock puppet/cuddle time/brush teeth/story and bedtime routine.  He didn't even ask to turn on the TV once. 

I'm very grateful God gave me enough energy and relief from headaches to enjoy tonight.  It's a struggle pulling myself out of bed each morning just due to the tiredness and the headcold-like symptoms that won't go away until I get a bit more rest. 

Bleh.  Who needs rest when you've got DayQuil, right? 

(I think I'm down to my last DayQuil, though)