Friday, February 18, 2011

v2, d284: It's Not a Movie

In the movies, the woman says, "My water just broke," and the husband hurries around frantically trying to get everything ready to go to the hospital, and the woman is shrieking in pain the whole way there, and they have to wheel her to the delivery room on a gurney. 

In commercials, a woman walks in the room with her hand on her belly and smiles at her husband, whose eyes grow wide with understanding, and he grabs an already-packed bag and they go out the door.  (Or, depending on the commercial, he smiles and posts something on Facebook)

On TV, the husband is probably drinking beer and watching a football game, and they have a humorous discussion about whether or not the baby can wait until after the Big Game before coming. 

Never once do you see this scene:

WIFE: Darling, my contractions have started picking up in frequency, but they don't feel very strong.
HUSBAND: What do you want to do?
WIFE: I'll lie here and see if they go away.  Check on me in an hour.
(an hour later)
HUSBAND: How are you feeling?
WIFE: Okay.  The contractions haven't stopped.  I'll start timing them and see if there's a pattern for the  next hour.
(an hour later)
WIFE: There's not really a pattern, but they're pretty frequent, and a few of them are fairly strong.  I'm not experiencing any pain, though, so going into the hospital at this time is probably not our best course of action.
HUSBAND: Do you need me to do anything?
WIFE: Not that I can think of.  I'll just keep an eye on things and do some Sudoku. 

You just never see this movie.

(No, this post does not mean that we are headed to the hospital this evening)