Friday, February 25, 2011

v2, d288: Excuses excuses

Three nights ago, I think I was just too tired/busy with the baby to post.  Last night, I fell asleep a few hours earlier than planned.

Still, I thought I ought to check in and let you all know how we're all faring.

We're fine.

Boring, huh?  But pretty much everything you'd expect from a family in this situation is true.  We're tired.  Kim's recovering.  Isaac eats, sleeps, burps, and soils diapers. Occasionally he looks around.  He's looking around a little more each day.  I take him for a walk outside once a day.  I think the whole situation has Robbie a little distressed, but he's handling most of it really well.  When there's been an out-of-character fit or tantrum--and there's been about one a day--I usually chalk it up to major-live-change distress.  I thought maybe I'd get some reading (or, better yet, writing) done this week, but that sure hasn't happened.  I'm kind of afraid of going back to work, because I fear this great little project I've been gearing up for is going to end up being a nightmare.  Coworkers are bringing us meals every other day for a little while it seems, which is always awesome.  Enjoyed some cheese ravioli and garlic bread this evening.  Nice to have something to check off of the "things to worry about" list for a little while.

Life's good.  Hope y'all are enjoying it.