Sunday, February 13, 2011

v2, d279: Gotta run now, gotta run gotta run now, so spryly, gotta climb gotta climb now, up so highly!

...gonna get gonna get you, Dr. Wily, I am Mega Man, here's my mega-plan, you die!

 Decided to replay Mega Man 2 tonight.  Why?  Dunno.  It suddenly struck my fancy, and I haven't really done anything impulsively lately, because my life hasn't allowed for it.  So I suppose this was my (very) small way of fighting back against fate, or whatever.  Some men challenge Olympus, I settle for mowing through Crash Man and company. 

I remembered this game being a lot harder.  Even the last time I played through it.  I pretty much mowed through the eight robot master levels.  And I didn't remember the keys to beating most of them when I started out.  The first Mega Man game was fairly straightforward.  Fire is good against ice, ice is good against electricity, electricity fries bombs, bombs blow up the big rocky guy, and what's left takes out the guy with scissors on his head.  You could put that together without much trouble.  This time around?  Trickier.  I mean, okay, the metal slicing blades will pretty much rip through the robot that in inexplicably made of wood.  After that?  Leaves beat tornado?  Tornado beats crash bombs?  Bubbles beat heat?  Boomerangs beat...beat...okay, I'm still not sure what the boomerangs are for. 

If you're wondering what set this off, it was this video