Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day Forty-Four: I got nothing but links for ya

A couple of links for ya.

First up: if you still don't think the upcoming Street Fighter movie is going to suck, I've got three words for you: Click. These. Links. And be converted.

I've seen too many Godzilla movies in my life not to be alarmed by this.

Ay, me. I've got this old house and this cannon and I can't for the life of me figure out what the coolest thing I could possibly do with them might be...

Courtesy Greg Wyshynski: nothing brings out a man's wild side like the color pink. (Editor's warning: this link consists entirely of hockey fighting, which may or may not include a backup goaltender storming onto the ice from the dressing room to take part. Also: redneck fans having a stompin' good time with all the hootenanny going on)

I'm really trying to be excited about your upcoming Broadway musical, Spidey. I promise you I'm trying! But..but...what does this title actually MEAN??

Finally, I noticed a lot of impatient, unhappy drivers on the road both this morning and as I walked to Whataburger for lunch. I couldn't help but feel that many of these people severely needed some Louie in their lives.