Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day Thirty-Nine: Guest Blog #1

So today I was thinking, You know what would be fun? If I had guest writers very rarely on my blog! That would be awesome!

So tonight's blog will be written by my out-of-town guest and all around great gal, Sherri from Oklahoma.

The following comments do not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of wannabewordslinger.


Y'know what? It's warm in Houston. I keep forgetting it's February-- especially since I spent some of today at a beautiful church sitting in a courtyard filled with azaleas. Soaking up the sun-- in February.
Now, admittedly the weather in Oklahoma can be 70's in February, but then it's usually followed up by a day of 40's or 30's and then back to 80's and then down to the 50's again. For those that know me, would you believe I haven't worn my jacket since we left the airport parking lot? Yeah.

Currently, we're crashing cars (I just crashed 70 and albeit far from a record, I'm still content). But this morning I saw the amazing Hero Squad! The cast & crew (of course) all terrific and the kids seemed to eat it up (upon seeing the title: "We're going to see a princess...get kidnapped?!" And soon to come, more children's theatre! Which is great, 'cause I miss it a lot.

Notably, staying with the Ledesma's is always a treat because they're pretty awesome. It's hard not to feel loved when someone makes you a milkshake or, in some cases, attacks you. And while unfortunately I scared their son first thing this morning (this stranger in the dark in the living room) he returned pretty quickly with books and there's nothing better than having a kid to read to and love on. ("Again! Again!")

Guest writer out.