Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day Thirty: Put down the shotgun...

...I think we're going to be okay.

Certain circumstances around work need to take care of themselves, and the speculation is more than enough to drive me out of my gourd. ("Out of my gourd?" Where exactly did I pick that phrase up from?? JCG, I think) Seriously, though. There's always a worst-case-scenario, and if we end up at worst-case-scenario, then I anticipate a lot of "THOSE days" leading to a meltdown at some point.

Not too much I can do about that right now, though, so on with life!

I've still got a good show up and running right now. We're basically sold out for both shows this Saturday, and we'll have a good crowd Friday night, too, I'm pretty sure. Got a very encouraging email from a longtime season ticket holder the other day, and the folks at my church are still talking about it. Huge, huge, huge bummer that we don't have any Saturday shows the last two weekends of the run, because I know a lot of folks who aren't going to get in because of it.

The show John, His Story is opening on our mainstage this weekend. I haven't seen it yet, but I have seen it in an earlier production and I highly recommend it, folks. Great Valentines date! (Kim and I are going, anyway!) Great President's Day celebration! Heck, probably a great St. Patrick's Day event, so long as you go drinking or eating corned beef and cabbage afterwards. (There is wine in the show) Seriously, this is the show that renewed my belief that Christian theatre could possibly not suck. Come see.

And if you're poor like me, remember, volunteer ushers see the show for free! ;-)

Side note: Skillet's Collide is just a fantastic CD. I mean it. Fantastic.