Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day Twenty-Four: Of prophets

Did I mention on here that I'm starting my own Bible study on the O.T. prophets? Well I am.

I meant to start last weekend, but I came to two obstacles:

1) It wasn't a part of my daily routine, so I would completely forget about it when the opportunity arose, and

2) I didn't know where to start.

In all honestly, I love the prophets. Pretty much all of them. My original plan was just to go through the minor prophets, but then I started thinking about Ezekiel and decided I may as well go through the big guns while I was at it. Then I started contemplating all those great prophets who did not get their own books, poor guys, like Elijah and his sequel, Elisha, and Samuel and Nathan and So On and Soforth. At one point, I contemplated just going all the way back to "In the beginning, God created..." so that I could have proper historical perspective for everything.

Thing is, I've started reading the Bible straight through at least five times (and I believe I've finished two of those times). I've read lots of Genesis through Judges, and I'm afraid if I started there I'd start skimming, thinking "Yeah, yeah, I've got this part," and that's not the point of this study.

Anyway, I've settled on 1st Samuel. Yes, there are prophets in the Bible before Sam, but 1st Samuel seems to be the point where they become A-listers within the narrative of the story of God's people.

So, after much delay and internal debate, I am off to pick up with poor Hannah's desperate prayer, and away we go from there!

And then, I've got a load of dishes to do.

These woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And dishes to do before I sleep.

Or something like that.