Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day Twenty-Five: Special Delivery!

Two things today:

First, I've fixed the comments option, so now anybody can leave me a comment! Whoo! (Though I still like getting emails, so if you're determined to drop me a line that way, please continue)

Second, I don't know what exactly it is about this link here (okay, that's a lie. I know exactly what it is. It's the music), but I have a feeling we may have our first Wannabewordslinger running gag! Huzzah! (My initial reaction: 'Wow. I thought the Bottlenose Boys were silly...')

Ah, okay, speaking of which: (Three things today, it turns out) The boss came to see Hero Squad last week before it opened. She didn't understand it, she couldn't follow it, and she didn't like it. She did, however, say that she laughed at the dolphins. She didn't understand them, she didn't know who they were or why they were there, but their antics were funny, so she laughed. She asked who they were. Our children's theatre director informed her they were the Bottlenose Boys. She said "Ah, that's funny. See, I never got that. I th ink that could be clarified."

Now I asked (and this was not to be ornery; you'd really have to know my boss to understand that I'd been hearing the "I didn't understand, that could be clarified" comment for at least 20 minutes by this point) how she felt this could be made more clear.

"Given," I started, "that he says twice before their entrance, 'I'm going to call out some henchmen to bring the heroes out of hiding,' and then the line immediately before they enter is 'Bring me the Bottlenose Boys,' his next line is 'You are the Bottlenose Boys?', his next line is 'What happened to the other Bottlenose Boy,' and his line after that is 'If you are not the Bottlenose Boys, what should I call you?' How would you suggest I make it any clearer than that?"

She didn't know, but she was sure there was a way it could be done.

Incidentally, today she offered to help me with my playwrighting. Huzzah!

Now go click on the link above and enjoy the antics of Louie the Bear if you haven't already.