Friday, February 13, 2009

Day Thirty-Three: Haiku?

Gee, what happens when
Will can't think of anything
for writing? Haiku.

Pride and Prejudice.
Sense and Sensibility.
Jane Austen wrote those.

Pizza sure sounds good.
Economic recession!
No pizza tonight...

Does anyone else
remember watching Go-Bots?
Nope. Transformers won.

Goldfish make great pets.
Apparently good snack food?
Children are confused.

What's with all of these
Facebook surveys recently?
We all need real lives.

Hero Squad. Villains.
Princess. No-laundry-Fridays?
Saturdays smell bad.

I do like spinach.
Robbie likes spinach a lot.
Robbie is my son.

I still want pizza.
And now I'm very hungry.
It's raining outside.

Lindy! The real one, that is.
She just got married.

I miss wallyball.
Haven't you played wallyball?
It is a great game.

This is the last one.
This may be a running gag.
The future will tell.