Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day Thirty-Two: Take a Trip on the Meat Ship

Wanna see something moderately gross? Clicky, clicky!

I'd say I can't even fathom how someone got the idea to try something like this, but in reality it's not too much of a stretch. Couple of guys sitting around talking about ships and funny materials with which to build ships, and eventually a guy comes up with the idea of a Meat Ship, the ship you can eat while you sail it. From there it's all a question of logistics, and then...voila. You've got a meat ship for no other reason than "Yes, we can." Why not?

Seventeen-thousand calories whenever this bad boy sets out from port. (Er, "port" in this instance being your oven, I guess)

What really amazes me on one level and doesn't surprise me at all on another is the amount of detail that went into this culinary art project. I mean they even made pirates made out of meat to crew the ship. Avast, Meaty!

You know, as much as I like bacon--and make no mistake, I truly do enjoy bacon--I cannot fathom going anywhere near this particular dish.

And in case you wonder where I find things like this on the Internet, I suggest you check out Dave Barry's blog. Assuming, of course, you're okay with completely off-color humor from time to time and wholly unnecessary references to just about anything that could be considered unnecessary.

If not, then just trust me, I'll probably link to most of the cool stuff on here when I have a day with nothing of my own to say.