Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day Thirty-Four: A nice, low-key V-Day

Tonite was nice. Kim and I found a date for Robbie (thanks again, Sarah!), had dinner at home (some pasta Kim made and a shrimp ring she'd been saving for a special occasion) then headed out for ice cream at Cold Stone (because we had a coupon) and then off to my workplace to see John, His Story (because we could get in free). It was by far the most low-key Valentines date I think we've ever had, and it was very nice. We didn't do gifts this year; we really didn't worry about anything other than getting an evening out together.

Call it an economically-recessed-Valentines, if you will.

Or don't, if you won't.

As we pulled into Cold Stone, it looked like we were in luck. I could see in the storefront window, and the store was mostly empty. We wanted to get to the theater in plenty of time, so while we weren't in a major rush we were conscious of the time.

Then, an SUV pulls into a spot across from the one I plan to use. The door opens and out pop three...four...five...six...SEVEN...EIGHT...NINE women, most of them teenagers. And we all know where this gaggle of gals is headed this Valentines Day.

If I can make a swift, smooth turn into the spot and Kim and I jump out of the car, we can get in the store before we're stuck behind ALL of them in line!

No!!! Car can't quite make a turn of that radius without backing up! And by that time, they're all trekking from their car into the creamery--walking directly behind my car, of course, preventing me from backing up to pull into the spot until every last one of them is by us and on her way into the store.

Well, drat.

Hope you all had a pleasant 14th, whether you called it Valentines' Day, Singles Awareness Day, or Saturday!