Wednesday, March 2, 2011

v2, d294: Request line

Taking requests tonight.  Have a favorite feature you haven't seen in awhile?  Got something you need 'splained?  A short story idea you're just dying to have me try out? 

What do YOU want to see in this space, dear readers? 

This isn't necessarily a filler post, even though it's true I can't stay for long because Brindolynn's about to venture off into the Tirrabar Forest, and that can't end well.  Nevertheless, you're the ones at least checking the site once or twice a week, so I figure I oughta deliver something you'd appreciate every once in a great while.  So give it  a shot.  The worst I can do is completely ignore all your requests and go off on Trevor Gillies' thuggish hit on Cal Clutterbuck.  (Actually, it wasn't nearly as bad as his buffoonery against the Pens a few weeks ago; y'all barely missed out on a MAJOR rant that night)

Also: listen to this.  Especially if your day is sucking so far.