Sunday, March 13, 2011

v2, d303: Daylight

Did you hear the news today
To turn your clocks back? No?
"Fall back" feels so far away,
One less hour in the sack, yeah.
And the darkness crept its way
Like stars that come out just a bit too soon
We need one more hour of sunlight here
To extend our playful afternoons
Playing in a park,
Or swimming in the pool like sharks.

Daylight savings, daylight savings tonight, oh tonight

Slightly later, porchlights flicker
Dinner times keep pushing back
Farmers love it, but city slickers
Want to have their evenings back.
Don't sleep in too late,
Sunday school is still at eight.

Daylights savings, daylights savings tonight, oh tonight

(Insert NASA-ish sequence of dialogue here)

Arizona shakes its head as everyone else scrambles
All our fragile sleep cycles in shambles, all shambles
Where once the mind was focused, it rambles and rambles.
Who'd have thought that one small hour could make us all insane?
The coffee pots are burning hot, somehow it all rings lame
You're all off-kilter Sunday, and then you're stuck with Monday.

I think...I will...end this song with screams

*Note: I actually don't have anything against daylight savings, and today wasn't all that rough.  Click here for a reference point*