Saturday, March 26, 2011

v2, d311: Birthday Mad-libs: Jen

I think Jen is still a FOMW reader.  Every time I figure, "Oh, I'll bet Jen doesn't follow this anymore," she usually comments, so I've just decided to count her among the silent masses who at least skim my subject lines :-)

If you don't know Jen, you're missing out.  I don't think anybody in the world hates Jen.  Not even terrorists.  She is just that nice and encouraging and personable and loving.  Either that or she's plotting to destroy us all and she's really good at winning over trust.  And if that is her intention, she'll probably accomplish it.  Because she's just that good.

The County Fair

We went to the county fair today -- me, my wife Jen, my daughter Ninja, and my good friend Elizabeth. First we walked by all the animals. (I ran at the smell.) There were dogs, pheasants, and creepy baby spiders in stables, and a big fat dolphin in a pen. Behind the stables, some kids were having a race to see who could sheer a pig the fastest. Further on, there was a Spider Show, where each of the proud owners strutted their spider around the ring while judges pantomimed thoughtfully.

Next, we went on the rides. My wife was daring and went on the Gentle Christmas Hat of Narrating, and Ninja went on the Genuine Roller Coaster of Fantasy-sports-savvy, but I took it easy and stuck to the Robin Rides and the Joyous-Go-Round.

Last, we went to the green and brown food stands and filled up on tea cakes and hamburger buns and those little bagel-kabobs with ketchup on them. (Unfortunately, some woman bumped into me and knocked my bagel all over my dorsal fin.) We had a great time, and when we got back, we were all content from the experience.

Happy birthday, Jen!