Wednesday, March 9, 2011

v2, d300: 300

So, if you had to pick 299 personal acquaintances to fend off an entire army with, who would you choose?

Would you choose the friends and acquaintances you know who would give you the best chance of winning?  Would you choose the people you know that you'd most like to see die (seeing as how you would probably lose the battle anyway)?  Would you choose the people you deem least useful to society (for the same reason)?  Would you choose the friends and family you'd most prefer to take your last stand with?  Or would you just choose the people you know who would look best in this?

Incidentally, the Aeros used to have a pre-game video where they spliced hockey-related images with the trailer for the movie 300.  (They use movie trailers a lot...the last one I saw was Tron Legacy.  The one that's worked best (that I've seen) was The Alamo)  The best part of the promo was probably where the one guy (I haven't seen the movie) yells his famous "MADNESS?  THIS....IS...." and then it cuts away from the movie and posts the word "Houston" on the jumbotron screen.  And then it ends with "TONIGHT, WE..." and the same plain font throws the word "win" on the screen.  No sound.  Just the text.

Which neither as cheesy or amazing as having Kirby Law fly a B2-bomber through downtown Houston in an air duel with Admiral M during the 2006 playoffs.  Hey!  M said our city was nothing but a haven losers!  He had to go down!

Anyway, I think I would probably bring most of you along to fight the enemy.  It'd be good for morale around the camp.  So if you want to opt out, I guess you'd better let me know, because otherwise you're on the short list.