Tuesday, March 8, 2011

v2, d299: More Robbie says...

Early yesterday morning, while Isaac was fussing in his Pack'N'Play.  There was a lawnmower and an edger going full force outside.
"It's okay, Isaac.  Don't cry, baby!  Don't cry.  It's just a lawnmower, don't be scared. It's just a lawnmower. Don't cry, I'm right here. I'm here to protect you. Do you need a hug, baby?  Do you need lots of hugs?"

While sitting on the couch watching Bob the Builder...
W: Hey Robbie, why is the concrete always pink on this show?
W: Well all right then...

 Describing his day care's Mardi Gras parade to Kim...
"I walked around wearing lots of silly stuff!  We put on crowns and masks and necklaces and it was so, so silly!"

While driving home from school today...
W: (yawning) I'm very tired.
R: Why, Daddy?
W: Because I don't sleep enough.
R: Why?
W: Well, because I go to work, and then after that I go home and take care of Robbie and Isaac and Mommy, and then after you all go to bed sometimes I have to work around the house, cleaning something, or I have to go to the store and get us something--like today, I have to get gas in the car after you go to bed--and then after that I have to work on my other other work.  I write stories and hopefully somebody will buy them from me someday.
R: Someday, I will buy them from you!
W: You don't have to buy stories from me.  You get all free stories.
R: Why?
R: There's a gas station! 
W: That's right.
R: Maybe you can get gas in the car from there tonight!
W: Oh, that's right. Maybe I can.  But I will probably go to a different one.
R: Why?
W: I will probably go to one that is closer, or one where the gas is less money.
R: Gas costs money?
W: Yup.  Gasoline costs money.  That's why I need people to buy my stories. So we have money to buy gas.
R: Oh. (pause) Keep working on that then.