Monday, March 14, 2011

v2, d304: Gamera

Okay, so Sherri is coming down to visit (she claims) this week.  I'm only warning you all because, if you cross Sherri, there's a good chance she'll start talking about Gamera.  It's just something he does.  Now, I realize many of you have no clue who Gamera is, so I'll give you a short crash-course, just in case it comes up in conversation.

Gamera is a giant prehistoric tortoise that can fly.  He was kind of like Japan's B-team of movie monsters, because he had a pretty solid career but never made it up to Godzilla-status. 

Oh look, here he is now.

In Gamera's first movie, he was pretty hard-core, destroying lots of stuff.  He did, however, save this one kid from falling out of a tower, and this revealed that his true nature was the Friend of All Children.  So mot of the rest of his movies, he's all buddy-buddy with a kid or a group of kids and is fighting other monsters to save the kids.  Eventually, he went from terror of the arctic to the fun-loving interplanetary turtle with a catchy theme song:

If you still think Gamera is "just another Japanese movie monster," take a closer look.  I guarantee you've never seen anything quite like this.

So there you have it.  Should it come up in conversation, you'll at least know what you're talking about.