Saturday, March 5, 2011

v2, d296: Under Construction

Tonight's post isn't finished. I'm having trouble wrapping it up.  I'm usually pretty bad with endings, actually.  (And beginnings, for that matter. And titles.  Wait, what do I do well again?  Kidding...) 

I will say I saw the show at work tonight finally.  A worthy effort, and I hope everybody who's poured blood, sweat, and/or tears is proud of what they've done.  Supposedly a review came out in the Chronicle's Star section, but I don't get the Chronicle anymore and I can't find it online.  Boo. Well, I'm not used to looking up the Chron online unless it's for Texans news.  So I'll have to check the hard copy posted on the cork board when I go in on Monday.

Oh hey, though I did find this profile for us while digging around the Chronicle's site.  Wow, condescending much?

I'll try to come up with a satisfactory ending for tonight's post and then post it tomorrow.