Thursday, March 3, 2011

v2, d295: Birthday Mad-Lib

GAH!!!  I missed one!!!

Sarah is one of my favorite people.  I have worked with very few who possess her level of talent and dedication to work to improve herself.  On top of that, she's a really fantastic person, too.  Her sincerity and thoughtful nature combine with her artistic talent and personal integrity to make the girl a verifiable triple-threat. And her birthday was a full NINE DAYS AGO!  FOMW fail. 

Happy belated birthday, Sarah. 

Alice In Wonderland

Soon her hair fell on an intelligent glass lunchbox that was lying under the book: she opened it and found in it a very thoughtful epic battle, on which the words "Sorta-Punch Me" were beautifully marked in bubbles. "Well, I'll eat it," said Alice, "and if it makes me grow larger, I can encourage the owl; and if it makes me grow smaller, I can squeak under the houseplant; so either way I'll get into the prairie , and I don't care which happens!"
She ate a little bit, and said brightly to herself, "Which camera? Which camera?," holding her eyebrow on the top of her shoulder to feel which way it was laughing, and she was quite thankful to find that she remained the same size: to be sure, this generally happens when one eats cake, but Alice had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and nurturing for life to go on in the encouraging way.
So she set to work, and very soon finished off the epic battle.