Sunday, March 6, 2011

v2, d297: If Theatre Were Sports

*Note: My wife has pointed out that I haven't fulfilled either of my official FOMW requests.  I just want you all to know, I know that. Unfortunately, they're both rather lengthy projects and I haven't been able to commit the necessary time to them yet.  I'll see about getting to them as quickly as I can*

 "Hey Sweetheart...Well, I just got out of a meeting with Ric...yep...he, we had a good idea this could be happening today.  The season is pretty much a wash, and the company's strapped for cash, and my contract was up at the end of the year anyway, so...well, I was traded to the Dallas Children's Theatre, yeah, that's fantastic, but I don't think I'll actually see any time with the big company.  Probably be sent down to Majik in San Antonio or something...because they've already got a playwright-in-residence, and by this point in the season they've had all their directors chosen for months.  And they cast equity where possible.  I mean, unless an assistant director gets a sudden injury or something, I don't see what they could possibly use me for.  I mean, maybe they want to re-sign me in the off-season, but I'd be surprised...well, I think what it was is, they really wanted Abby...yeah, she's in the deal, too.  It's Abby and I for a conditional draft pick and $25,000.  So I think they wanted her, but Ric wouldn't let them have her unless they took on another dead-weight contract...well, that's more or less what I am right now.  We're not going to the playoffs, the children's season is just about over anyway, and you know they're going to look to replace half of us with rookies next year to save some coin...No, don't start looking for houses in San Antonio.  I'll just live in a hotel for the rest of the season and you stay in Houston with the boys.  I'm sure someone from church will help take care of you, and once the season is over I'll move back and we can consider our options...Oh, I'm sure I can find something else in the off-season.  I've got a couple of scripts I'm working on that my agent hopes will make me a bit more attractive on the free agent market. And if I am stuck in the minor leagues the rest of my career, I'm fine with that.  Hey, at least I'm still in theatre, right?, you're right.  This isn't exactly what we dreamed of.  But it's what we've got.  I'll drive home after Saturday shows to be with you and the boys Saturdays through Mondays.  It's only for a little while...yeah, we'll get through this...okay, sure, I'll still pick up Robbie from day care today.  I'm supposed to get a call soon from Robyn Flatt to tell me if I'm going to stick with the big club or head down to San Antonio, then I'll probably have to be out of here before dinner...I know, it sucks, but that's the business, right?...Right. Okay, I'm getting another call.  That's probably Dallas.  I'll call you back, okay?...I love you, too...bye."