Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day Eighty-Eight: Arm-punching update

Three of three arm-punches delivered. It's a hit! (No pun intended!) I think I may have found a new gimmick.

You know, just in case I needed another gimmick...

Anyway, I ought to be looking over my lines for my church's Easter program, which is tomorrow. I've missed every single rehearsal due to A Phoenix Too Frequent, but I told the director that would be the case ahead of time and he was fine with it. Well, okay. I'm cool if you're cool, I guess. It's actually not too bad of a monologue, though the program itself...leaves something to be desired...meh...still, it's a way to help out at my church, and I'm glad to do that.

It'll be good when things get back to a normal schedule at home. That is, until I get bored from not having any performance/directorial projects that I'm currently working on ;-)

All right, back to either work or lines. Here's to a solid opening for Phoenix!