Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day Ninety-Four: Happy Tax Day!

I hope everyone got their taxes done on time.

Today is a strange day to look at the news. There are massive tea party tax demonstrations all over the country (which I saw and immediately thought, "Oh, come ON, people," but as I read on a bit I was actually fairly impressed with the non-hating, non-violent way these have taken place. Here's hoping they stay non-hating and non-violent). Then, in the suddenly escalating war against pirates, we find France kicking butt and taking names.

Seriously. Two months ago who would have guessed you'd see a headline about France vs. pirates on the front page?

Also, apparently there are signs of life (well, signs of slightly less death, anyway) for the worldwide economic plunge. (Wait, again? How many times do we have to see "glimmer of hope" stories before someone can up and say "There is hope! For real!")

And, North Korea is...being North Korea.

One would think this is almost enough insanity to distract from the opening of the NHL and AHL playoffs tonight.

One would be wrong.

6:00 Penguins & Flyers on TV
7:00 Aeros @ Rivermen on the radio
9:00 Blues v. Canucks on TV

It will be a good night.