Friday, April 17, 2009

Day Ninety-Six: Prayer request

I'm beat, folks.

(Much like the Canadiens, Sharks, Blue Jackets, and Flames, who now all trail their series' 1 game to 0)

Last night was long. Robbie is pretty stressed by the total overhaul of his life routine (in other words, his new day care). He's not falling asleep easily at night, and he' snot staying asleep for long. Last night we kept handing him off back and forth until 11:30 before he finally stayed down, and that only because I slept next to him on the floor in his room. He's also not feeling well, which certainly isn't helping the situation.

Anyway, he woke again at about 4:30 a.m., so then Kim and I switched, but I had to be up at 5 anyway for a 6:00 call for two performance of Biff, Bang, Kapowie in Katy this morning. Hence, I'm beat.

The prayer request, though, is for little Robbie. He needs to start sleeping normally again. For his health and ours, he needs to settle into his new routine. He also needs to get well. So if those of you who pray would, we'd greatly appreciate that.

Good news: my mom is here! Huzzah!