Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day Eighty-Three: Guest Blog #2!!!

Hey all, it's time for another guest blog!! This is a little something I like to do to shake things up from time to time. This is also fun for me, because I never know exactly what my guest blogger will say. (He just said "Oh no!" as he read this over my shoulder, incidentally)

Anywho, tonite's guest blogger is none other than longtime friend Tarvis the Mighty, a. k. a. The Iron Lung, a. k. a. 'Lil Buddy, a. k. a. New Uncle Travis! (maybe he'll talk about that. I dunno)

Now, the opinions expressed below do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Wannabewordslinger. Now Tarvis is going to write, and I'm going to play Mario Kart. Or get some snacks. Or option B followed by option A.

K, here's Tarvis:


Well, if you hadn't ascertained from the fact that I said, "Oh no!" as I read Will's above commentary, Will kinda sprung this on me as he was writing, so I haven't exactly thought about what I'm gonna say just yet.

I did recently become an uncle (my sister had Sonora Elaine Castro on April 1st). However, as Robin lives in Oklahoma City and I live in Houston, and seeing as how I have only thus far received 4 pictures and word of the actual event, it has yet to really become 'real' to me, so I don't have much to say on that.

Will says I can't say anything derogatory about him as his guest blogger, so I won't comment on how bad he got creamed on Mario Kart just now. Also, he's not ugly, and he doesn't smell bad.

I have and idea! I will write about some recent experiences with Houston traffic (cliche, I know, but Will didn't give me any warning). In the past 3 days, I have been honked at once a day for doing something that unintentionally inconvenienced the person honking, and would not have endangered anyone had the honker had they not been so impatient themselves (if anyone was endangered at all).

First, 2 days ago, I was making a left turn on Westheimer without a stoplight (I don't know who reads Will's blog, so I'll go ahead and just say Westheimer is a pretty busy street that runs right through the middle of the city). The traffic to my left had cleared, and there was only one car left to wait on to my right, so I pulled out into the middle of the intersection, intending to wait on that one remaining car. This person got over into the far lane, so I decided to go ahead and complete the turn. *HOOOONK!!* And then the person got back into my lane, as if I had been in their way.

Second, yesterday, I was getting on the highway, and while on the on-ramp, an SUV got behind me. Now, this SUV was driven by the classic impatient driver: accelerated quickly to 20 mph over the speed limit, slammed on his breaks when he got close to me, and then hung out 2 inches from my bumper. When I got on the highway, I put on my blinker because I needed to get over, and because I didn't want this guy following me anymore. I look at my mirror: clear. I look at my blind spot: clear. I get over: *HOOOONK!!* Apparently the guy behind me had decided to get over between the time I looked in my mirror and the time I got over and accelerated extra fast to keep me from getting over (because he knew I wanted over; that's why I had my blinker on). When he did this, he was just behind my field of vision while looking over my blind spot, so I didn't see him. Completely my fault and a 'honkable' offense, right?

Third, today, I was on the highway again, and someone several cars up slammed on their brakes for some reason. Naturally, the whole line of cars, including myself, also had to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting the person in front of them. Now, I probably could have stopped in time anyway, but just to be safe, I veered partway off onto the shoulder (because this occurred in the right lane)to avoid the car in front of me. The line of cars started moving again, so I got back fully into the right lane. *HOOOONK!!* Apparently the guy behind me had decided to try and get in front of me while he had half the right lane to do so.

I have to admit, this kinda streak is unusual for Houston, despite what everyone says about it. However, it's getting a bit frustrating. I try not to get mad at these people. I ask God for patience. But when it just keeps happening over and over again, it grates on you.

I feel better now. I think I'm gonna play Mario Kart with Will.