Friday, April 24, 2009

Day One-Hundred Three: Wacky Denver

Oh, Denver. I want for us to be friends. But you are so gosh darn wacky and unpredictable that I don't know we can ever form the basis of trust needed for a true friendship.

First, you take a man who throws himself in front of a bus to shove three people out of its way and save their lives, and as soon as he regains consciousness in the hospital's recovery room, you slap him with a jaywalking ticket.

Now, you deny a 15-year-old his driver's permit because he once crashed a car...when he was SIX!

I like you, Denver, but you need to get your head on straight.


And now on to something that (sadly) is 100% not Denver-related: the Playoffs!

Philadelphia 3, Pittsburgh 0 (Pens lead series 3-2)
New Jersey 1, Carolina 0 (Devils lead series 3-2)
Anaheim 4, San Jose 0 (Ducks lead series 3-0...WOW! Also, a lot of shutouts last night!)

And finally, Detroit 6, Columbus 5 in what was a thrilling game with a controversial end to the first ever playoff series in the Blue Jackets' existence. A classy response from the home crowd following the last contest of the four-game sweep.

(Compare that, if you will, to this clip of the Montreal Canadians getting mostly booed off the ice while some trash is thrown over the glass from the crowd the other night)