Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day One-Hundred: Fun and Games

One hundred consecutive days of posting.


(This is the part where I ask myself, once again: "Why?")

This has mostly been a really fun project for me. (Calgary won last night, by the way) What I'm learning through this process is that, yes, I can discipline myself to do something. Imagine! This may have far-reaching consequences for the WannabeWordslinger universe!

Anyway, in celebration of our hundredth post, I've created a fun little game for you that you can print off and enjoy while you should be working. All the clues relate to one of the first hundred posts for this year. Most can be taken directly from the post titles, but not all. To play along, just click on the image below, and it should give you a printable page for crosswordslinging goodness!

There may be prizes for anyone who finishes. Maybe not. We'll see.

One-hundred down, two-hundred sixty-five to go!