Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day One-Hundred One: Letters and Numbers

I'm about to head out on some heinous poster-hanging around town. Lame. Good for the economy, though.

Now that we're in triple-digits (numbering days, that is), I'm thinking about changing each of changing the way I name my posts. It would be so much simpler, after all, to type "Day 101" than it is to type "Day One-Hundred One". Furthermore, "One-hundred one" just doesn't roll off the tongue, though I'm fairly sure it's accurate. It would sound much better to say "One-hundred AND one," but I really think the "and" is incorrect. Of course, once you get past "One-hundred ten," the "and" sounds totally unnecessary and makes the larger numbers even more cumbersome than they already are. Finally, day numberings are going to start getting really long as we get closer to the end. I mean really, "Day Two-Hundred Seventy-Eight" is already a long post title, and I haven't even add any clever subtitle to it yet! Say I wanted to write a post entitled, "In Which We All Ate Creamy Mashed Potatoes and were Pleased." (That would be a really boring post, methinks) Suddenly I'm cramming the title line with "Day Two-Hundred Seventy-Eight: In Which We All Ate Creamy Mashed Potatoes and were Pleased." You've read so much title, you've probably lost all interest in reading post!

The conclusion, then, is that it would be far simpler to type numerals from here on out.


First, I believe there is something to be said for consistency. And I'm not going back to rename all of my posts to reflect the shift. So I either live with a sudden break in style, or I keep typing the words.

Second, I really don't like mixing letters with numbers where it can be avoided. (Yes, I'm aware that I just wrote that sentence in past tense, and I LIKE it that way!) "Jesus had twelve disciples." That's a sentence I wouldn't mind reading. "Jesus had 12 disciples." That took less time to type, but I hate the way it looks. Something in my mind just goes "Letters! And numbers! Collaborating! IT JUST ISN'T RIGHT! GAAAAHH!" (Or something like that)

Third and lastly, as I look to the left of my page (where it shows the names of my recent posts), I kind of like the way it looks with the day number written out and followed by the colon and the subtitle, lined up together with the word "Day" on the far left. I don't know why, but there's something aesthetically pleasing about that to my eye.

Here, then, is the final decision on the matter: From this point on, I will write very long, cumbersome blog post titles. I will do this because I like the way it looks and because it keeps with what I've been doing for the last three months. I will do this because this is my blog, and I'll run it the way I want to.

Now, on with your days. I've got posters to hang.


By the way, last night was a FANTASTIC night for great hockey games! There were four gems (and one dud). Dave and I are headed to The Yo for tonight's game five between the Aeros and the Rivermen, who get extra help because the stinkin' Blues couldn't manage to not get swept in the first round of the NHL playoffs. Thanks for nothing, Blues.

Pittsburgh 3, Philadelphia 1 (Penguins lead series, 3-1)
Carolina 4, New Jersey 3 (Best game and series of the playoffs thus far; series tied 2-2)
Detroit 4, Columbus 1 (Red Wings lead series 3-0)
Vancouver 3, St. Louis 2 ot (Canucks win series, 4-0)
San Jose 4, Anaheim 3 (Ducks lead series, 2-1)

And just a reminder, the Aeros and Rivermen are all tied up at 2 games apiece.

Now, on with your day. Again. I've got posters to hang.