Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day One-Hundred Five: ETL is coming...

We are two days away, folks. Two days from the fifth annual National Embrace the Lame Day! (Well, one day by the time most of you read this...)

ETL is a made-up holiday instituted in 2005 by my good friend Dave-O. Within a few days, the concept had caught fire, scorching a very small (yet mighty!) corner of the Internet with participants. Dave's blog, Perfect Blue Buildings, has always been the flagship blog of National Embrace the Lame Day, though due to extenuating circumstances PBB will not be able to participate (and as such, I expect overall ETL participation is going to be way down), and so, if I am not overstepping my bounds (and please, good sir, do tell me if it's not my place), I would be honored for WBW to carry the ETL torch till PBB can properly do the event justice on April 28th, 2010. FTW!

(And Dave, I'm serious. If this isn't cool, then just give me a call and I can delete this post, and Day One-Hundred Five will be about horseshoe crabs instead)

Pending the blessing of the Lame-master, I'll post more info here tomorrow for the uninitiated (those of you who are still thinking: "Wait, what's Embrace the Lame???")

In the meantime, here's a video of a dancing bear.

Next: a musical clip from the movie Newsies. If only all labor disputes began with riveting musical numbers.

More videos: What happens when you mix Ocean's 11 and the Muppets? I'll tell you what: awesomeness. (hat tip to Sherri)

Speaking of mixing movies...

Finally, remember Louie? The adventure continues...

Finally, playoff updates: Game sevens forthcoming in both the New York/Washington series and the Carolina/New Jersey series. And the Aeros play in Peoria tomorrow night for all the marbles.

Well, not all the marbles, but the marbles sufficient for moving on to play for more marbles against Milwaukee.