Saturday, May 8, 2010

v2, d60: New Feature! Birthday Mad-Libs

Features! Features! I'm all about features!

I think I need to do a run of features so I can keep them all straight (and because I haven't done any of them more than once yet, and we're 60 days in). Add to the list that already includes Random Nintendo Game of the Month, Guest Bloggers, Top 7's, and Shuffleblog: Birthday Mad-Libs!

Birthday Mad Libs is a new feature where I honor a friend and reader of FOMW with a Mad Lib on their birthday. All of the words I use to fill in the story will be words that I associate in one way or another with the person being honored.

Bear with me. This may end up being really lame, but that hasn't stopped me yet!

Today's Birthday Mad Lib is in honor of one of my closest allies in the children's theatre world, Hannah. Grab a sprinkle-covered cupcake and take a seat on the Birthday Chair, Hannah, because this mad lib is for you!

(Mad-libbed words are in bold)


Little did the dastardly villain Pretty Pigtail know when he stole my typewriter that he'd picked on the wrong Hannah. For although my intelligent exterior might have you believe I'm an ordinary sort of Hannah, I am in fact that wit of justice, the playful crusader for sass, Brownie Ta-daa!

Quickly, I charged into a three-ring binder and changed into my pink shoes, blue glasses, and my bouncy green skirt. Thus disguised, I danced after Pretty Pigtail and typed him in the foot! We fought, and we pouted; we pouted, and we fought. First I had the upper hand, and then he quoted me and gained an advantage. But then I grabbed a nearby binder clip and speared him through the shoulder knot. Victory was mine!


Happy birthday, H!