Monday, May 10, 2010

v2, d62: Mondays are slow...

...and don't let anybody tell you otherwise!

I've got a few things left to finish up at the office today and a lot of time to do them in, so I'm going to get a little blogging done now so maybe I don't have to stay up heinously late to get it done. After all, I've got two early, early mornings this week. Fortunately, it looks like I'm not working any evenings this week, so there's a winner.

You know, due to Birthday Mad-Libs and Mothers' Day, I never got around to posting anything about the Red Wings 5-game exit to the perennial playoff chokers, the San Jose Sharks. A 4-1 series win makes it look pretty one-sided, but in reality it was a pretty great series. All four Sharks wins were by one goal. The only Red Wings win was 7-1. Go figure. Unlike in the film, Megashark gets the unanimous decision over Giant Octopus. Now, hoping the Pens can close out the Habs tonight, and that the Bruins/Flyers and Hawks/Canucks all manage beat each other up for a full seven games.

Anyway, if you want to read a severe Red Wings roast, Puck Daddy's annual playoff eulogies series has got it for you. Click here; it's brutal, but probably the best-written eulogy of the bunch so far. Just remember, I warned you. It's brutal.

In other news (or what passes for news on Mondays), I was treated to lunch today by one of only six other coworkers reporting to work today. We had fish tacos from Berry Hill. I'd never had fish tacos before, and they were pretty good. They really pile the cilantro and red cabbage on, though, and I had to water it down somewhat by taking a bit off the top. Also, no sauce, but that's nothing personal. I almost always get my lunch sans sauce. All in all, though, not bad, and apparently fish tacos are on sale on Mondays.

I like fish, by the way, and Houston is a better place to get fish than, say, just about anywhere in Kansas.

Finally: I want to take a trip. I want to get on an airplane and go somewhere for about five or six days. I want to go somewhere either I've never been or somewhere I rarely go. Obviously, I'm not going to do this, but the wanderlust is pretty strong. "Wanderlust" also seems like a good name for a German comic book character.

All righty, back to work!

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