Sunday, May 9, 2010

v2, d61: Mothers' Day 2010

Buying a Mothers' Day present for your wife is a little awkward. At least it is for me. I'm sure in a couple years' time I'll be fully acclimated to the mom/wife gift-giving dichotomy, or else I'll just make Robbie pick something and say it's from the both of us. For now, though, it's a bit of a head-scratcher.

Follow me, here.

Valentines Day present = something romantic and/or sentimental + chocolate

Christmas present = something fun/something she wants.

Birthday present = either something fun OR something she needs/has been asking for + dinner

Mothers' Day present = Flowers? Isn't that something you're supposed to get for YOUR mom? Card? Isn't that a bit impersonal? Sentiment? Romance? Practicality? Mom-related? Gah!

Now, I've got a little added pressure on me, because I've done pretty well with gifts since we've been married. They haven't all been home-runs (figuratively speaking), but quite a few of them have, and I think most of the ones that weren't home runs were at least ground rules doubles, so I put a bit of pressure on myself to get a good present.

Wellll, this year I went out and bought the first three books from this here series. I know Kim likes them, because she's checked them out of the library twice in the past year, so I'm pretty sure she'll read 'em through another time or two. It seemed a bit risky to me because, again, I'm not sure if books are an acceptable gift for this particular special occasion, but they went over very well, so I feel pretty good about it.


Other winning Mothers' Day gifts for your wife: a nice nap, an afternoon outside with the child so she can rest, staying up late to help with laundry, and staying up even later to wash dishes and clean out the fridge.

Happy Mothers Day to all!