Thursday, May 27, 2010

v2, d79: Bachelor Blog #4: Bye Bye Bachelorhood!

I'm the author of sappy love songs, tradin' in my bachelorhood...

That's a very sad song, actually.

I'm leaving to pick my wife up from the airport in a couple of hours. All things told, this really hasn't been that bad of a week. I haven't been productive at all. I've managed, with the help of my friends, to keep myself busy and entertained so I wouldn't be lonely. Hockey game, Bollywood blockbuster, Chik-fil-A, game night, security guard duty, more Chik-Fil-A, two bookings, some rehearsals, and a comic book definitely have a way of keeping your mind off your empty apartment :-)

Thanks to everybody who helped keep me from being emo.

Still feels like the week is a long way from over. Early morning and late night tomorrow, followed by a Robbie return and a late work night Saturday. Can it be true that Monday is actually a holiday? Is that actually happening?

Probably going to leave early for the airport. For some reason, I love just sitting at airports, waiting for people to arrive, and reading. Is that weird?

Hey look, a Stanley Cup video!