Wednesday, May 26, 2010

v2, d78: Bachelor Bloggin' #3

Last night, I took an extra work shift. Figured it would give me something to do and a place where I could be around friends. Was a good choice. We (as a company) forgot to schedule security personnel to patrol our parking lot during the Tuesday night special event performance, so Tarvis got volunteered. I figured, "That sucks. I will stand outside for three hours, too." So I did.

There were no break-ins, no knife fights, and no shady drug deals. Tarvis and I are awesome security guards.

There were, however, kittens. And we got to watch the kittens twice before they hid behind the tires again.

Got Kim's car fixed up a bit today, had a really horrible and frustrating afternoon, met with Dave for Dinner, and then to a get-together at HannahDeb's apartment. A full Wednesday, but an overall good one. Now just getting some laundry done so I can be ready to go for my 6:30 a.m. work call tomorrow. Also, get to pick up my gorgeous wife from the airport tomorrow night! You know what that means...I need to pick up the living room. Admittedly, I've spent fairly little time in the house while the family's been gone, but I still want to leave it at least a little nicer than it was when they left.

Thanks for all the feedback on yesterday's guest blog. I'm sure they won't all be as entertaining as Nikolai's, but it really is a cool exercise to try to force yourself to think and write in another character's thoughts and voice. Oh, and Nikolai told me that it wasn't the real Iron Lung who left a comment, because he texted the Iron Lung this afternoon and the REAL Iron Lung had no idea what he was talking about. Which, admittedly, isn't all that unusual for the Iron Lung, but Nikolai is still pretty convinced it's not the real guy.

One more bachelor blog tomorrow, and then I start eating healthily again! Hooray, longevity!

Oh, one last thing: I'm thinking of doing something wild like taking a trip to Austin next Wednesday night and getting back for work the next morning. Um...any takers??