Tuesday, July 6, 2010

v2, d110: Dear Abby

My building is always really noisy during the summer. We have kids in theatre camp pretty much all day, every day, for two months. Which is awesome. I love it. But there are times when I think pretty much anybody in the building will tell you it can get a bit to the crazy side. (Since I started bringing my iPod to work, by the way, this has been less of an issue)

And then, there's musical theatre class. The kids have 4 days to learn a bunch of songs and scenes from one specific musical. It's awesome. However, you WILL hear these songs over 60 times over the course of the week. At the end of the week, you'll either love them...or you'll DESPISE THEM!!!

This is why I am so happy that the current musical theatre camp is doing scenes from Seussical: The Musical. I love Seussical. I love the music. I rarely listen to it, even though I have it, but every time I do, it's so dang catchy you really can't help but bounce along with it to some degree. I also like the story, and I'm pretty in awe of the way they worked something like 15 Seuss books into one (sort of two) massive, 2-hour storyline. I also have deep admiration for the ability to make a 2-hour show rhyme. I did some rhyming narration in the Hero Squad Christmas special, and that was more than enough for me.

For me, though, there's more than just the songs that I enjoy. I've become very sentimental at work lately. Striking after rehearsal for one show, I'll think back to the dozens of other touring shows I've rehearsed in that space, or I can't remember one venue without thinking about something funny that happened when I was there four years ago, or I'll look at the mainstage and reconstruct it in my mind to fit any of the thirty different sets it's sported since The Mousetrap. For some reason, now is the time of looking back fondly upon the good times.

Which brings us back to Seussical, because the first class I taught in our academy (actually, assisted with) was a class of the little-bitties, and we acted out a couple of songs from that show. It was so much fun. I learned so much from that experience and it was probably one of my favorite classes to teach. And while I haven't taught a LOT of classes in my time here, I've taught enough to have had some good ones, some great ones, and some bad ones. This was one of the great ones. And I've had the opportunity to watch some of those kids grow, too, since some of them have come back for more classes or become regular attendees at our children's theatre. I have to tell you, that's been a pretty wild experience, to see the work you invested in Child A five years ago stick and inform the work they're doing with you as a fifth-grade student.

I know, I know. They grow up so fast, sniff...

Anyway, I appreciate hearing the cheesy, bouncy harmonies of the rhyme-happy show. It's good music, and it takes me back to a happy time with a lot of laughs and smiles. And those sort of cheesy, warm fuzzy reflections often serve as a reminder that there are still plenty of good times to be had.